A Long Couple of Days & The Moon

I apologise for the lack of posts both yesterday and today in both daily and catchup categories, the last two days have been a 48hr marathon of day long information sessions starting at 7am, requiring I be up at 5 to give myself enough time to get ready and get there, sleepless nights followed by terrible oversleeping, a busy morning and then workshopping all day. In the long run, I’ve done pretty well and nothing has been bad, but it has meant that posting has been… bottom of the pile in terms of priorities.

The moon is something that I’m always quite keenly aware of, at least in the area that I live in. I can see it from a lot of different places and most nights its light fills up the sky and the detail of it can be seen very, very clearly. I raise it now because tonight I was struck by how aware of it I am as I managed to notice it while doing something, inside, looking almost entirely away from where it was rising, through the blinds of the window and the very leafy branches of a tree between myself and the Moon.

That big ol’ silvery disk is probably one of the things that I am going to miss most when I no longer live here.


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