Further Advanced Runes

Building on yesterdays somewhat shotgun discourse of what ‘advanced’ practice/learning is/could be, I want to pull in the the spot light two qualities of advanced practice and/or learning that I think are often… lost, for various reasons that I’m not going to go into.

Fundamentally there are two ways to make something, at least as far as this is concerned, advanced – which is really just another way of describing higher order thought process. The first way is to make it more complex, one example of this is using more than two or three runes to make a bind-rune. Adding to the fine focus of the subject, in this case bind-runes, and narrowing the field of attention more and more. Sort of like going down a scale of chainsaw to scalpel. The other way in which you can make something advanced is by drawing back your focus, taking a look at the simplest understanding of something and looking at the most ‘pure’ form of it. An example that I used yesterday was words to the effect of looking at the individual runes beyond the faceted understanding presented in most rune books,


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