Catchup #17: Feng Shui Vibrations

Everyone talks about those ‘moments’ when something out of the ordinary happens. I’m prepared to admit that I don’t experience those moments anywhere near as often as I would otherwise enjoy, but every now and then I do have the privilege of experiencing something out of the ordinary. When these moments happen I take note of the details of the situation; where I am, who is around me, what I am doing and perhaps most importantly of all – whether there is an explanation for the ‘moment’ other than it being a ‘moment’.

This time last week I was able to experience a ‘moment’ quite unexpectedly. I say unexpectedly because of the context of when it happened. I was at the after-party of my karate school’s 30th anniversary at the national master’s dojo (it is a part of his house) having drinks with a number of senior members of the school. The national master and one of his daughters have a Feng Shui and Buddhist mysticism based business and he was selling some objects to members of the school from another state. I was intrigued by his methodology and I was watching his cleanse objects using a Tibetan Buddhist bowl by striking the side of the bowl and running the… striking implement around the exterior edge of the bowl. The end result was a deep chime that continued ringing for an astounding length of time.

He cleansed several objects before taking a break to explain a particularly rare statue of a war deity. Naturally, I was interested so I leaned in to hear the details better and I ended up leaning on a cabinet full of the national master’s merchandise. The very moment that I rested my arms on the cabinet an extremely noticeable vibration went up my arms and to my chest. Given that I was leaning on my dinner jacket (folded up and placed on the cabinet) my first thought was that my phone had gotten a message and I just happened to be leaning on it. When I went to check however, my phone turned out to be in the back pocket of my pants (and there was no message or notifications or anything that would have made it vibrate). Naturally, I was a bit shocked at first as was the national master, however after he told me some of the other things we were both less surprised. As it turns out the dojo is particularly prone to ‘moments’ and is semi-regularly home to the ghost/spirit of the national master’s master.

All things considered, given the circumstances it’s none too shocking that a ‘moment’ occurred, but I’m still pretty chuffed that it happened. It’s the little things that keep you going.


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