Catchup #18: Australia + Pagans and Heathens

Today was another one of those days when I realised how… different Australia can be, particularly from the perspective of a Pagan or Heathen. Indeed, from the perspective of any spiritually focused person.

The weather has been a particularly prevalent subject the last week and a half or so because of the fires that have been steadily working their way through the state. The city, a goodly distance from the mountains where the fires are, has been steeped in smog and smoke three times (to MY knowledge, possibly more) which in itself is unusual. However theres also been increased humidity and today, crazy wild winds blowing around.

Obviously, every place has its own kind of weather, but like I’ve said at least once before Australia seems to be more primal or antediluvian than other places. The things that would be a national disaster elsewhere seem to be little more than a mild disaster warranting little more than emergency support for fire and ambulance services. Even the winds that we are experiencing tonight, somewhere else there would likely be televised warnings, whereas here its just another windy evening.

When I get ‘older’ and more experienced as a Pagan/Heathen I would relish the opportunity to interact and work with the elemental forces of Australia.


One thought on “Catchup #18: Australia + Pagans and Heathens

  1. Oh yes I wrote a post similar to this also! Being Australian it is so hard to work with the seasons and attuning to the elements! Up where Iam here in Tropics we pretty much have 3 weeks of winter, lol! I’m very keen on learning traditional methods from tbe traditional owners, who really knew the land best.

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