Praxis: Gardening with Runes

Nearly a year on from receiving my book on runes I undertook the most prominent practical application of that knowledge today. It was only a simple gardening activity, my mother and I planted some herbs and vegetables in some hangers. As a part of the activity I fashioned four runes out of some dried rosemary and bay (as in bay leaf) and hung them from the pots. For no particular reason other than pomp and circumstance I came back to the plants later on when today’s solar eclipse started and used the time to sing to the plants. It was only a simple song from the book of runes I own that incorporated the four runes I had made earlier in the day (hence my use of those runes). Naturally, I would like it if I’ve achieved a positive effect with my little… whatever you would call it, but the results don’t really fuss me this time around. Whats important to me about this one is that it shows how far I’ve come, personally, with my practice. A year ago, when I first got my book, I would never have done something so out in the open. Not because of fear or a sense of shame or anything like that… I can’t even put into words why I wouldn’t have done something so openly, but doing what I did today/tonight was really one of the biggest flagstones in my personal praxis thus far.


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