Praxis: Runes of Bay and Rosemary

One of the things that I did yesterday for my little gardening-meets-magic was I made four runes (Elder Futhark; Fehu, Uruz, Ingwaz and Jera) out of Rosemary and Bay stalks. It was really a spur of the moment thing, at least as far as the materials themselves. I had intended to make the runes but originally just out of some sticks from my yard and the park across the road. The idea to make the runes out of rosemary and bay actually came from my mother who had brought some cuttings back from her parents place. There didn’t seem to be any harm in the idea, though I did do some research before hand to make sure than there was nothing ‘bad’ about rosemary and bay. Now each rune is hanging from a pot (we’ve got the pots hanging like baskets to keep snails from getting into them) so that front to back the runes come in the order in which the song I sang over the plants used the runes, so Fehu first, Uruz second, Ingwaz third and Jera fourth. There was undeniably something nice about making the runes with my hands, smelling the bay and rosemary as their leaves were crushed by my fingers and the string I bound the sticks together with. Like I said yesterday, it was really the most overt practice of my praxis that I have ever done and I’m definitely glad that I did it. It’s opened up the way for me to start growing in a much more active aspect, rather than simply a passive, knowledge gathering aspect.


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