Cursed, or just Clumsy?

Honestly, I got the title for this one from a t.v show called ‘Castle’ so if you’re expecting something specifically about curses… it might not be your night s’all I’m saying.

Im bringing this one up tonight because of something that happened when I was walking home from the city. I’d caught the bus part of the way home and was walking the rest of the way because I’d had a bit more dinner than I intended to so I figured that I could walk it off. My route home by foot takes me through a park that is opposite my house and normally I walk through it (the park) with no problems, regardless of what time of day it is. Tonight however was just a bit different.

Whether there was actually someone/thing there for me to see or I was just seeing things, I got to most of the way through the park when I saw a large shadow ahead of me and heard something moving. Keep in mind, there are lots of trees in this park, so the shadow I saw could easily have been nothing, and there are definitely animals in the park, which would account for the sound of something moving. Never the less, I ignored it for a moment or two before (and I swear that this doesn’t normally happen to me) I just ran towards the street and down the hill to my front door. Even though I was careful to see if I was actually being chased by anyone/thing, there wasn’t actually anything behind me even though I could decidedly hear something moving.

I feel that I should point out at this stage that I’ve been living where I am now since I was six years old. Being 23 now, I’m very very familiar with all the sounds of this area, all the animals and birds and bats and all of that. So, coming across something that I didn’t recognise, late at night and so close to home… Freaking out and running the remaining distance was the wisest course of action, despite being an extremely competent martial artist. It’s like a lot of things, running didn’t do any harm but staying to find out whether or not there was actually something there probably would have done some harm.

I could spout rhetoric about how I was certain that what I saw (or I guess in this case, didn’t see) was a malevolent shadow or a spirit or any number of trans-mundane things. However the fact is that I simply don’t know, and in this case I’m perfectly happy to continue not knowing. Sometimes it really is a spirit or a ghost etc, but most of the time there is very little distinction between being cursed and just being clumsy.

Tonight I probably just ran away from shadows being cast by large trees and the rustling of leaves. Probably.


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