Follower Friday: RoamingJaguar – Creating Tradition

RoamingJaguar of the Creating Tradition blog has been following me just a few days over three months now, which makes them one of my oldest followers.

Jaguar has an interesting mixture of Norse and Kemetic within their praxis, as well as what seems to be a burgeoning tarot element and a long term meditation practice. One thing that is obvious right from the outset is that Jaguar has a lot of experiences to draw upon when it comes to their personal practices. A large number of their posts involves recounting or reporting on recent, as I put it the other day, ‘moments’. Though I haven’t been able to read as many of their articles as I otherwise would have liked, its quite clear that there is both quite a lot that Jaguar has learned and quite a lot that they are still trying to understand. There is no denying that Jaguar is in the enviable position of being experienced and still learning.

One of the most interesting things that I’ve found is that Jaguar enjoys interactions with both Norse deities and Kemetic deities, working and spending time (I guess thats the right way to say it) Odin, Loki, Setekh and Ptah alike. If I had to choose any one thing to admire about Jaguar it would be this interesting dichotomy of pantheons.


2 thoughts on “Follower Friday: RoamingJaguar – Creating Tradition

    1. I’m glad that you liked it! I haven’t really had much luck in being consistent with my Follower Friday thing, but I honestly found your posts to be quite captivating. After my first read through, which I did in a hurry in order to make the end of the day post deadline, I went back and was quite compelled to make an addition to the original post to really encompass everything your blog detailed.

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