Going to the Graveyard

I’m going to the graveyard tomorrow, though its not quite as random an event as the title would suggest (I’ve got a film/photo shoot there tomorrow). I say THE graveyard because it is the one which has featured most heavily in my own life, not for the obvious reasons though, and is really what I think of whenever I imagine a graveyard. I’ve been past this graveyard more times than I care to speculate and I’ve been in it only a few less times than I’ve been past it. There is probably some cliche to this but I rather like this particular cemetery. There are all kinds of interesting people buried there, including Henry Lawson one of the greatest and most influential Australian poets. Oh, yeah, it’s also FREAKING HUGE!

This particular graveyard/cemetery is basically as old as my city and its size really demonstrates this, so too does its position/location. To give you an idea, I often tell people (when trying to describe where I live in relation to the beach) that you can’t go much further past my house without falling in the ocean. In comparison the graveyard practically makes up part of the eastern coast. It sits right on the edge of the coastal shelf and provides all those resting in the graveyard an incredible view of the ocean and sky. Please allow me to pre-emptively say that yes, I will be taking photos tomorrow. Needless to say that if I ever take up any practices that involve the dead/passed on, this graveyard is going to be my first port of call for practicing.


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