Luck and Lucky Charms

I said yesterday that I was planning to go to the cemetery today… That didn’t really happen. As it turned out today was a really, really, really rainy day and there was just no way to get the things done at the cemetery that I had planned to do there so the whole thing was called off for a rescheduling. If I’m completely honest with myself I’m rather glad with how things turned out because it means that I get to have a better nights sleep tonight. The weather is really nice and I’m not exhausted from a busy day.

I want to talk about not the weather (this time) but rather the nature of ‘lucky charms’ and what can actually be considered to be within the purview of a lucky charms power and what is not. I don’t think that I have ever put forward my hierarchy of chance, which I must try and remember to do tomorrow, but the basic gist of it is that there is a hierarchy of what essentially amounts to as luck. For example, in my hierarchy I would put fortune higher than luck, but fate much higher than both luck and fortune. I can’t honestly say whether it is a totally original concept or not because its not something I’ve done a lot of reading into. Never the less the important thing is that I believe that there are several different kinds of ‘luck’ with the traditional Luck being at the bottom of the pack.

To keep things from getting confusing from here on out what I am going to do is use this: luck, for when I mean just the over all chance based universal force and this: Luck, for when I mean good/bad Luck.

Most people, I expect, see lucky charms as an all purpose good Luck attracting/bad Luck negating charm that has more or less no limits. I on the other hand prefer to think of them in a more refined frame of thought. A luck charm influences your Luck and nothing more. In this instance Luck can be seen to encompass small things, everyday stuff like your keys NOT falling out of the bag pocket you thought had closed or noticing that your phone is in need of charging the night before you need its alarm to wake you up for a meeting. These sorts of things are small in comparison to things like winning regularly in gambling games of chance or landing a really good job or even bigger things like winning the lottery all the way up to the REALLY big things like Destinies and Fates (the plural form of Fate, as in a persons fate, rather than as the collective noun for a group of deities who control fate).

The reason that this is at the forefront of my mind is because I found myself thinking earlier today when I was waiting (futilely) for the rain to stop “Why is this happening?! Surely with two luck-knots on my person I should be having some good luck and getting some good weather today…”. It was then that it occurred to me that something like the weather is so far out of the purview of Luck and thus lucky charms that it was impertinent and even a little arrogant to expect my luck-knots to do something about the weather. The reality of lucky charms and what I think are the natural limits they possess is something that I think is often taken for granted especially in the face of, as the phrase goes, your Average Joe’s expectations.

Be appreciative of the little things that your lucky charms do for you and don’t expect them to solve every problem and I am certain that you’ll start see their effects.


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