A Quiet Night

I had intended to get a few posts done tonight, some catch up posts and a addition to my first Follower Friday post, but the evening got away from me and I’ve found myself to be moderately melancholic tonight. I don’t like admitting it but I’ve let my progress with regards to job hunting get to me in a bad way. Its an odd thing to say because typically you would expect progress in something like a job hunt to be a good thing, but its been a year now and I’m back to applying for the same program that I first thought was going to get me out of this hole that I am in.

In many regards this exact state is why my personal search for spiritual fulfilment is so important to me. I find myself looking at people who are spiritually empowered and how they can turn to the elements of their faith when they are personally troubled, and I unabashedly want that same strength or pillar. Obviously this isn’t the ONLY reason why I pursue my spiritual path and maintain my blog but it is honestly one of the catalysing reasons that pushed me to actually make some progress in the area.


2 thoughts on “A Quiet Night

  1. You’ve been unemployed a while too? :( I am lucky at present to be employed, but not sure how much longer . . . tempted to up and leave and move to another town as some people manage to do, but to be realistic . . .. work is so scarce everywhere! Where are you based? I know some people who have been unemployed for some time now . . . I think I will join son enough . . . .just remember you are not alone!
    And yes I do wonder how some people wander around with some kind of strange optmistic spiritual faith, not being realistic, and seem to end up as high achievers, its amazing . .. when you figure that one out, let me know . .. lol

    1. Yeah, a few years now. Technically I am employed by the family business but my overall contributions to the firm’s activities is not really worth calling a job. I really, really wouldn’t advise dropping your job for the sake of moving to another town… As much as I would love to say ‘go out and see the world’ there are some harsh realities that we have to live with and one of those is that work really is scarce at the moment. I’m based in Sydney, Australia though all of my current employment paths are all based overseas.

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