Till today I hadn’t really thought about bats too much, but I’ve come to think of them in a very positive way. A lot of people see them as vermin or a nuisance but I quite like them. There is, I think, a lot to admire about them. Even their screeches aren’t all that unpleasant when you get used to the unusual noises. As I’ve said before, spirt animals and totems and everything in that category are not something I’m doing for the time being, but I wouldn’t have any trouble seeing the reasons Why if my totem/animal/etc was a kind of bat.


One thought on “Bats

  1. I wish you were in Cairns. We are fighting at the moment to keep very old trees in the town centre, they want to chop them down as they attract a lot of bats, which apparently is a hassle fo rthe tourists and hotels nearby. Ugh, why can’t they see the beautiful nature of flying foxes?
    We also have a bat hospital up here :)

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