New Books

With the year wrapping up the way it is and there being relatively less and less for me to do, I’ve been looking at some books that I might buy in order to continue adding to my small body of knowledge. This is always an interesting time to be in because whenever I go looking for new books there are all sorts of questions that I find myself asking. Is this accurate, can I trust the information, is this really relevant to my interests, do I think that this is in line with what I think X is… Every time I go to get new books or find a new source of information these are the sorts of things that I ask myself.

A oart of why I ask myself these things so that I am sure that I know what I am getting. A few times now I’ve seen a book on Druidry and gotten excited, but then opened the book only to find a predominantly wiccan or mish-mash of different things that don’t represent anything like what was ‘advertised’. Call me a purist, but any mixing that my praxis might incorporate is going to come from my own mixing rather than someone elses.


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