Since Friday to Now

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have any kind of actual connection to the weather, but I do find that I’m very aware of it and I tend to subconsciously react to the weather of the moment. An example of this has been the last few days. Since Friday it’s been raining pretty heavily on and off and since Friday I’ve been in a bit of a blah state of mind. I’ve not been sleeping well, although the rain is preferable weather to sleep in than the regular Spring weather that we have. I didn’t even realise that I hadn’t posted since Thursday (missing Follower Friday again) until today because of how scatter brained I’ve been. Tonight it might rain again, but its feeling pretty warm right now so maybe it wont. In other areas, I’ve been making progress on getting some non Pagan and Heathen things done, making some advancements on gainful employment as well as a very provocative potential plan for myself in a year or so time.


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