Catchup # 22: Magical Me

I really should have taken photos, particularly seeing as taking photos seems to be becoming a bit of a thing with me, but the plants that I sang a rune-spell over a while back are doing really quite well. Admittedly, two of the plants didn’t survive the planting but I’m still going to call that ‘not my fault’ because I wasn’t involved in that one. Naturally, I don’t attribute their excellent growth entirely to the runes I made and sang over the plants. The weather has been ideal for growing of late and they were potted with a good fertiliser.

I’ve been having some successes lately with regards to my few magical practices. A friend who was having some troubles assures me that the stave I sent them has been… well, working like a charm. To coin a phrase.

Its moments like this, when I’m having some successes in one area but none in another, when I realise that this isn’t a clean cut kind of thing. Everything isn’t going to grow along some neat and tidy prescribed line graph of progression. Sometimes there will be things that grow or manifest sooner or easier than other things. Its kind of an obvious thing to say aloud, but times like now when I’m not at my best emotionally are when I need to remind myself. It keeps me from nose diving too much and totally abandoning all the hard work that I have done thus far.


2 thoughts on “Catchup # 22: Magical Me

  1. If only two haven’t survived it sounds like you are doing great!
    You are so lucky to live down south, here in the tropics, I am so limited with what i can grow adn where i can grow it :(

    1. Unfortunately it seems like we’ve lost one more, although it fought to stay with us for a good long while. I don’t think that it was getting enough direct sunlight however…

      Its unfortunate that you’re limited with what you can grow, given all the possible things that you could potentially put into a garden.

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