The End of the Month

The end of the month is always an interesting time for me. Its usually when I look at my bank statement and work out what the next month is going to be all about – will I be able to go out with my friends AND buy that new book on Icelandic sorcery or will I have to choose one or the other? This month is looking particularly good for two reasons, both of which mean that I may well have some money to get some things for myself and gifts for my family for Christmas (yes, yes I said it. No matter which way you slice things, Christmas is still a holiday that massive chunks of the world celebrates). I’m even eyeing off some nice Pagan and Heathen jewellery for my mother, which only leaves my brother, father and one or two particularly close friends.

My head has been hurting on and off the last few days. I also found an interesting leaf today.


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