Praxis: Meditation Substitute

After that feeble excuse for a post just now, I want to talk more about why I think that I have abandoned a typical meditative practice. The answer is… well, essentially, you’re looking at it.

Putting aside the spiel I gave the other night about the practical reasons to meditate, not dismissing them but just putting them aside, there is one important thing that meditation does that I’ve been getting elsewhere and that is, processing thought. Much like dreaming, meditating gives you the chance to sort through the many thoughts that you have throughout a period of time and process them. Its kind of like cleaning up your room, only mentally. [Here is where I fell asleep and woke up to a busy day before returning back to this] This is why my posts tend to be in on of two settings: high thought and low thought. Sometimes my brain just isn’t up to thinking in a properly constructed way, for example last night’s post, and I end up doing something that is more diary like than intellectual consideration, a low thought setting. This post firmly comes in the second setting of high thought, where I have an idea and several thoughts surrounding it, as well as a particular message or point that I am trying to convey. Admittedly, there are times when it doesn’t matter what setting the post is in I don’t really finish my train of thought.

Were I on YouTube and making videos about things like this post, I would likely cop some stick about how it isn’t ‘advanced paganism’ or some such. I don’t disagree. This particular post is definitely only something relevant to my perspective; talking about a meditative alternative that seems to be serving me well enough as a substitute while I sort some things out personally.

However, that in some part makes up a part of my point. For me, writing here is a physical manner in which I can substitute the normal thought processing qualities of meditation with a kinaesthetic exercise that helps me get all of my ideas in order. Sometimes they’ll be relevant to a wider audience, sometimes they might spark a thought in someone who happens to read what I have written, and sometimes its just words pouring out of me in a waterfall kind of way so that I can just get the thoughts out of my head.


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