A Breath of Relief

So, FollowerFriday hasn’t happened properly today but thats ok because it was always going to be a long term thing and although I would otherwise prefer to do one absolutely every Friday, I enjoy having the option of being able to just wheel one out when I don’t have any ideas for a ‘proper’ post.

I did a cop-out post about how I was really stressed earlier in the week and this is kind of the follow up to that. Yesterday and today I’ve really moved forward a few steps with regards to annulling that stress. Really, a lot of it is my own creation but a lot of it is also not of my own creation. Say what you will about the correlation between personal outlook and things happening around you, I definitely think that I’m not being paranoid when I say that I think I’m in need of some better fortune at the moment. That said, good things have been happening lately and as far as my personal life is concerned, I’m feeling a bit better about things and less… melancholic.

To wrap up a few things I mentioned in some recent posts: the shop I was going to check out in the city turned out to not be… what I was looking for. With the end of the month coming up fast, between already having an idea for some of my Christmas presents for my family, I think that I will be able to make some book purchases soon and I’ve even got a pseudo-shopping list.



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