Catchup #25: Follower Friday: RoamingJaguar Supplemental

So, I wasn’t really satisfied with the state of completeness of my first FollowerFriday for RoamingJaguar. After I’d read more of their blog it became obvious to me that I had greatly underestimated and under-voiced their connection to the divine.

For those who read their blog, I think the link is in my original post regarding RoamingJaguar and I’ll be copying this to there tomorrow, it is extremely obvious that RoamingJaguar has an almost intimate connection to the divine in New Zealand. Their descriptions of various local deities demonstrates that they have an incredibly close connection to not just Kemetic and Norse deities but also those they introduce to the the readers of their blog. I may have said in the past, but connecting to the divine is something that I have not done much work with and/or had much innate success with. As a role model for connecting with and working with the divine, RoamingJaguar is excellent.


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