Energy Exchange

One of the more widely accepted tenements of modern Pagan and Heathen practices is that energy exchange is typically required in order for a working to be successful. Its not exactly a breakthrough thought, most if not all of the universe works on the same basis. The use of energy, whether its expenditure to change from one form to another or a more barter-eqsue exchange of equivalent energies, is something that essentially cannot be avoided. Its a fundamental fact of life.

Some months ago I completed a training course that I had hoped was going to herald in the much awaited major change in my life; a job, a life to call my own, being able to work towards the things that I year for. Many months before that I had thought that come this time of the year I would be long gone from my home here is Australia and doing something worthwhile with my life. Consequently, because of my failure to achieve any of those aims, I’m now undertaking another training course. It is a much greater monetary commitment and personal commitment of my time and effort. I have to admit that while the course is one of the best in the field, I am uncomfortable with the monetary pressure that it is going to put on my family. However if the idea of energy exchange is to be believed as affecting every part of our lives, then the time and money may well be worth it in the long run.