Tis the Season to be Heathen

Not exactly my pithiest title ever but its been a hard week and a bit so I figure I’m allowed to get away with it.

I don’t remember when I last posted (or indeed what I posted) but I figure that its about a week ago now, and what a crazy arse week it was. Don’t get me wrong, everything that happened was good but it was just one thing after another all week. In the course of this past week I’ve had a German language exam, an orientation for my CELTA (Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) which is going to take up the entirety of January, a rehearsal for a improv and volunteer based play, a two day festival I volunteered at (separate post coming), a long day/night Vampire the Masquerade session with friends and a trip to Canberra to visit family there for an early Christmas party.

Which all sums up to a pretty fine reason to miss a weeks worth of posts.

The rest of this month and the start of next year are both looking to be just as busy as this past week has been which means that I will have less time to devote to doing daily posts. This in turn means that in all likelihood I’m going to rack up a tonne of catchup posts.