Pagans, Heathens and Jesus H. Christ

Invariably there are questions put to Pagans and Heathens, in a dizzying number of different forms, about Jesus H. Christ. There are understandably a large number of people who have had a bad experience with Christianity and avoid it for those reasons. However there are also a number of people like myself who have no… aversion to Christianity but avoid it none the less. It is something that I’ve always found quite difficult to rationalise into a coherent statement, I mean why should I avoid Christianity in my practice when it forms a part of the Icelandic sorcery that forms a large chunk of my personal Praxis? Well, there isn’t any ‘good’ reason why, I just choose to do so because of reasons. About a week ago Drew Jacob wrote a post entitled “One Religion Off Quest” which really nailed home a lot of the reasons surrounding the choice to avoid or, as he rather pithily put it, dodge Christianity.

Now, there are a few things that I don’t sign off on, whether entirely or partly, because of the differences between my beliefs and Drew’s. For example, he says “There are deeper reasons. I object to Christianity on theological grounds. For example, I think it’s unfair to promise people an afterlife that probably doesn’t exist” which makes me think that he doesn’t believe in any (?) afterlife, whereas I do. However there are other things which I sign off on almost without reservation such as “And I disapprove of the exclusive focus on a single face of the divine. It seems antisocial in a world with thousands of gods.”

I would go through the entire article and dissect it for you and analyse all the parts I do and don’t sign off on, but I think that you guys get the idea. Really, I love the article just because of how it really gets to the heart of the matter of what to say when people ask you why you don’t have a ‘good’ reason for not looking into Christianity as a spiritual seeker, particularly a Pagan or Heathen one.

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