Hiatus Over

A month seems like a long time no matter which way I think of it – 31 posts or four weeks of intensive teacher training – yet at the same time I am having trouble believing that the month is well and truly over and already five days into the next. Its a bit of an obvious thing to say but time flies regardless of what you are doing, having fun or not.

All that said, I’m glad to be getting back into things; the job hunting not so much, but everything else very much so. Even writing something everyday which can (and in some respects did) become difficult is something I’m wanting to throw myself into with renewed gusto… Five days late notwithstanding. Which really segues me nicely into the business part of this first post for the new year, or rather the real start of my new year. Its weird but finishing CELTA feels more like the turning of my year than Christmas and NYE did.

One of the things I’m going to change slight is Follower Friday. Although I’m keeping the concept, I’m changing the name/day to Subscriber Saturday or Sunday (yet undecided). This is just so that I can have a better/more realistic chance of getting it done on schedule. Its only a minor change but still a change.

One thing I’m not going to change is my inelegant blend of stream of consciousness posts, more academically worded posts and journal/diary styled posts. There haven’t been any issues raised regarding this but I do want to reaffirm that this will continue and also give a reason for doing it that way in the first place. Essentially its because its how these posts happen, by which I mean how the ideas come to me. Sometimes its just a stray though, sometimes its a part of a book or other source that triggers something. Its really just a natural extension of how these things come to me.

An area in which I want to improve is in being more focused on the pagan-heathen aspect of things. Whether accurate or not I feel that my posts last year really started to detract from the primary subject of the site.

On the subject of the site, there are a few things that I want to do on/for the site. Two of the most important are doing an About Me and Behind the Name pages for myself and the name of the site respectively. Perhaps next most important is formatting the site and really giving it a general face lift, so to speak. These are things that I’ve really intended to do for a while. Really they are just things I want to do so I feel better about the appearance of the site more than anything else. The last thing that I want to try and do, though I’ve no inkling yet how I’d go about it, a list of upcoming topics of sorts.

That might well be one of my longest posts ever (yay for me). Just goes to show that my habit of hand drafting everything really does pay off.


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