A little web of Magic

At one stage or another I have felt that I’ve not really made any progress as a pagan/heathen; not in an intellectual sense but on a more… daily life, practical kind of way. Making this part of myself something that is part of my everyday self rather than just something I have when no-one is looking. There are lots of reasons for my having felt this way in the past, however something struck me yesterday morning when I was wandering around the house trying to work out what to have for breakfast.

It took me a moment to realise what it was I was noticing, but once I realised it was a little bit surprising. On my mothers desk was the pendant I’d gotten her for Christmas, a thing to help her with her gardening (I wont go into the details but the gist is that it is magical), in the garden below several pot plants either had runes written on their pots or runes hanging from them, just the other day my mother updated me on the present she and dad got me for Christmas (a hand made Elder Futhark Rune set) and in my wallet and behind my phone were two Luck-knots I’d made several months back.

Without even really realising it, a little web of magic has grown in my life.


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