CloudCatcher WitchCamp and Other

After catching up for some missed posts with pretty thought heavy posts I’m going to do a less thought intensive one for today’s actual post.

In the midst of my job hunting and awaiting this and that interview date to arrive, there is something that I might have the opportunity to do which I’d really like advantage of. The CloudCatcher WitchCamp is coming in southern Queensland (read up on your Australian geography if you want to know where Queensland is) and is in both a place and at a time that I stand a decent chance of managing. Though I don’t and haven’t ever had anything to do with witchcraft the camp does present the very rare opportunity for me to be around and practice with other… well, most likely the majority at the camp will be Pagans but there might also be a few Heathens there too.

It is a really exciting chance for me because it will allow me to really experience first hand other people doing the myriad things I only aspire to being able to do. Naturally there are going to be differences both personal and path related between them and me but even being able to be in the same room as someone who has a good idea what they are doing and has a number of successes under their belt (so to speak) will give me such a better idea of… well too many things to list. In short I’d really, really like for the stars to align (again, so to speak) so I can go to the camp.

In the area of ‘other’, one of the things that I am going to go into more detail on my About Me page is… how best to put it. The apotheosis of  my being a Pagan and Heathen, which is to say achieve what I consider would be the greatest achievement for me as a Pagan or Heathen. As I say, I will go into it in more detail when I get About Me written up, but in essence what I consider to be the apotheosis of my path would be being able to directly manifest mystical effects in this physical reality, a simple but effective example of which would be being able to create a flame in the empty space between my hands.

I wont deny that it seems unlikely, which is why I call it the apotheosis of my path, but most succinctly I do not see any reason why it cannot eventually be achieved.


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