A Flash in the Sky – Just something quick.

As is the nature of a busy day, I’ve reached the end of it and realised that there isn’t much time left for certain things. As a result this is only going to be something brief.

I had an important job interview today which went exceptionally well given that it is the second time I have tried for this particular program. There are other jobs I’m applying for in the meantime, and really the major difference between this time and last is how prepared I was this time and not having pinned all of my prospects on it this time.

In the mean time I do have a list of things prepped for my catchup posts:
– Morality and Magic: Using magic to affect social or economic change
– Trees in the Train Station: What is in a name
– About Me
– Subscriber… Something – ideally a re-engagement with getting this back on track

That really just leaves 2 additional posts to catch up and hopefully I will have had some ideas for those remaining two.


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