External and Internal

I forget what I had intended to post today, things got muddled when my day became a shade busier than I expected (but in a good way). I was also put onto a different track of thought because of a few different things.

I want to talk about loci, the psychological term rather than the mystical one. I’ll leave it to those who are interested to read up on the greater psychological theory and press on.

I don’t often talk about balance in a dualistic sense. Its one of those accepted associations that I feel is not developed enough and gives rise to what is really a limited view of the world. However is this case I make an exception because there are really only two places where a person can, psychologically speaking, draw a sense of control. Now, while my experience with the term is purely from a rudimentary psychology based level, I do think that there is room for the principle to be expanded to include other attributes, learning for instance.

People often have a very externally based idea in mind when it comes to learning. School teaches us certain things, our parents teach us other things and so on. However there are also the internal structures of learning, unique to each person. Everybody learns things, one way or another, but for the most part those things come from an external locus such as school or parents yet there are some things which people often say ‘oh, they’ll learn for themselves one day’ or words to the same effect.

There are, I think, truly things that a person can only learn for themselves in an internal sense but I also think that each person is able to learn only in so far as their internal mechanisms are able to learn. This is not to excuse behaviour that is unacceptable, but I do think that there are limitations in each person that can’t be accounted for, yet must be accounted for.

I think thats all I’ve got today. Not exactly Pagan or Heathen focused, or really focused at all but there you have it.


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