Sydney Druids Pub Meet

We, well I, interrupt your schedule broadcast for something fresh and unplanned.

Much like yesterday I had intended to do one of my catchup topics and another post, in whatever formation, but the day was busier than expected but I do have something worthwhile.

Tonight I was able to get to the first real low key social gathering of pagans and heathens since… well, really since the Festival of Minds which was low key but more formalised, and it was honestly a great experience. It helped that I knew one of the people there, specifically the woman who organised it, but the people who had already arrived and arrived during the night were very friendly and welcoming.

As the title of the post probably gives away, the group is more keyed towards Druids (though that is predominantly a formality as anyone is welcome) rather than just a generalised pagan meet up. The main reason for this is that the predominant focus of the group is on nature and Druid based discussions and activities that not everyone would necessarily want to get involved in. That said, the people that make up the group are in most respects what I’ve been looking for to replace the group that I used to meet with, socially speaking rather than mystically.

I’m really looking forward to spending more time with the Sydney Druids Pub Meet, theres lots of fresh ideas and new perspectives (for which I have an eternal nerd-on for) and several people were quite receptive to my current… vexation with regards to Druidry and practicing/being a druid (not that I would call myself that yet).


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