My Life in Boxes

It seems of late that there is always something else on my mind. This time its boxes. Four so far to be exact.

In preparation for any one of a number of job opportunities overseas I spent most of my day packing various bits and pieces to put into storage. Some things are from my childhood and others are more recent possessions, but all of them have some kind of meaning to me.

When I was packing these things it really hit me then that most if not all of them were things that I really, would only be collecting again one day to do away with for some final time.

Birthday cards, inconsequential documents, small awards from primary school. Even a box of crayons from some time long forgotten.

None of them, except the crayons maybe, are things that I am really likely to keep when next I unpack these boxes. Its a sobering thought that almost all of what I’m keeping now is being kept futilely.

In many respects the most I am taking with me are the things in my mind, the memories and all the things that I’ve learned.


2 thoughts on “My Life in Boxes

  1. Wow, job opportunities overseas, what kind of work are you looking at? Sounds amazing! ESpecially to go to the Northern Hemisphere, you can practice Paganism more traditionally and follow the seasons old school style! ;)

    1. I’m looking at english teaching work. I’ve got two lots of qualifications, one of which is very well received around the world. Most of what I’m looking at is in Germany, Iceland and those kinds of places but I’ve also got a pretty decent prospect in Japan that may yet come through and a volunteer position that looks very good in Costa Rica.

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