Costa Rica or WitchCamp

When I first started (well, re-started) Trees in the Train Station I was very much in the mind set of resenting always having to put everything else before my spiritual pursuits. I resented it almost as much as I had resented previously, other people having a pillar of faith to help hold them up when everything else was gone. TIme was that I hated the world for putting me in the situation where I had to choose between what I wanted and what was best and most practical or sensible.

I really feel like I’ve moved on or grown since then as being in that same position, or at least very close to it, doesn’t bother me.

At today’s title suggests, I am currently facing the real possibility of having to choose between volunteer teaching in Costa Rica and being able to go to the WitchCamp in Queensland. Both will happen during April and I simply can’t do both. Its just not possible to tweak things so I get my cake and eat it too. However this doesn’t bother me. Not just, doesn’t bother me too much, but doesn’t bother me at all.

Its something simple but having spent several months doing my very best to be faithful and dedicated to this blog, the people who read it, and having met so many people, done so many things and learned so much in just the last six or so months I really don’t feel as though I am having to choose between my spiritual pursuits and what is most practical or sensible. Its a stupid thing to realise or take note of, but the reality is that I can take my spiritual pursuits with me if I go… Ok, lets be hopeful and say when I go.

Books can be put into my bag, Internet connections can be found fairly readily and my runes will well and truly have arrived by the time I know whether I’m going or not. Theres actually nothing that will stop me from staying connected to the Pagan and Heathen part of my life. Not having to choose either/or really does improve my mood and outlook on things.


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