Subscriber Something Delay

At the end of the day I want to do a good job. Despite some appearances I do like to do the best I can which makes doing something like a weekly subscriber spotlight difficult. There are things that I need to devote my day to doing, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to read large chunks of a person’s blog.

While this is unabashedly excuse mongering it does give me a chance to elaborate on the idea and even come up with ways to make it better. Having only done one of these thus far, the concept is still very much on the drawing board as it were.

Originally it was meant to be a way of acknowledging the people that subscribed to Trees in the Train Station. However even before I wrote the first one I figured that it would also be a good way to help pass on the names of other bloggers, maybe even give a little abstract or synopsis of what their blog was about so that people looking for the same or similar thing as the person/blog on offer would have a slightly easier time finding it.

Once I’d done the first subscriber tribute however, it occurred to me that the tribute or spotlight could serve another function. With the inclusion of a more thorough evaluation of their talents, strengths and skills perhaps even occasionally their weak areas, people looking for help in a certain area or someone who is strong where they are weak would be able to find a person suited to the task.

My intention is not so much to reduce the people I write about to their most quantifiable attributes and then give an opinion on them. The first and most important purpose of the Subscriber spotlight idea is to, in my own way, say thank you to someone who subscribes to me. Even today I still feel like I need to give these people something back, something that is more significant than just clicking on their name and then clicking ‘follow’. I may well do that when I am done reading their blog and doing a post on it/them, but it is not how I want to express my gratitude. Anything that comes after that however, is only intended as a way of helping people connect, because for one reason or another the people that we read or talk to here on our blogs are just as much our community as the Pagans and Heathens we meet in person – sometimes the internet community is the only community that a Pagan or Heathen has to connect with.


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