Catchup: Thoughts Regarding IPA and Elder Futhark

With 5 catchup posts to do already and potentially another two to be tacked on this coming weekend I’m opting to go for a more stream of consciousness approach to a few of these otherwise I’m not going to actually catchup anything – particularly with the increasing probability of work growing on the horizon.

The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is formatted in such a way that features of Latin based language are grouped together and ordered – short vowel sounds are on the left, medium vowel sounds in the middle and long ones on the right. Consonants are in a different section to the vowels and so forth.

The layout of the IPA is such that when it comes to Latin based languages, basically every phoneme is represented (as usual, not an expert, do your own research for a fuller more accurate understanding etc) which means that language can be more readily broken down into manageable pieces. Which means that when you have something like the IPA, English and the Elder Futhark you can start to create a method of writing accurate/correct English, in Elder Futhark, in such a way that individual… interpretations cease to be a problem when others read the text.

For example: In the IPA the English ‘th’ sound is represented by a strong and weak phoneme – the greek letter Theta and the now defunct thorn ‘ð’ letter respectively. Elder Futhark has Thurisaz, which functions more or less the same as thorn, and in a pinch can be used for the weak ‘th’ sound also – however if you follow the IPA’s distinguishing strong and weak ‘th’ sounds then Thurisaz becomes used for the strong ‘th’ sound and the compound of Tiwaz and Hagalaz becomes used for the weak ‘th’ sound.

Using this logic, it is entirely possible that a ‘universal’ Elder Futhark English writing system can be developed – which is exactly what I intend to do.


2 thoughts on “Catchup: Thoughts Regarding IPA and Elder Futhark

    1. Hey Stevan, thanks for the comment.

      I have worked a bit on developing it but my home life/work life balance hasn’t been the greatest this past year or so. Mix into that a very concentrated focus on advancing my own language proficiency in Japanese and German and I haven’t really made as much progress on the writing system as I would other wise like.

      With some luck though, now that my work contract is coming to a close and I probably will have more time to focus on things like the writing system etc I will be able to make more progress.


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