Catchup: Making Adjustments

So, last night I was just wretchedly tired and copped out of doing a post. However, I did think of something today (or rather was caused to think of something) that is going to have some bearing on maintaining Trees in the Train station while I am away. Essentially its highly doubtful that I’m going to have a constant internet connection at home and the constant internet connection I will have access to (unless I get a personal connection usb thing here and use it over there). However, because of the way my days are likely to unfold it will mean that I am probably going to have an extraordinary amount of time to write which, when combined with a simple USB, means that when I do get online I can simply copy paste each thing I’ve written up and post in a matter of a few minutes; overall its something I think I will be able to make work really well. All things considered I might, while in Costa Rica, put a hold on marking posts catchup just because of how things will probably end up working.


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