Trees in the Rainforest Conservation Area

I’m basically going to be living in a rainforest conservation once I get to Costa Rica and really, I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Yes, I’m going to probably have to get a bunch of jabs tomorrow at the immunisation clinic (and let me tell you am not thrilled when it comes to getting jabs) and of course there will be some things vastly different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. All that said, I’m still thrilled about it – more so, perhaps, than being able to put into practice all the things I’ve learned as a proto-teacher.

In one regard its entirely the practically untouched natural setting I’ll be in, what better place to deepen a Pagan or Heathen practice than literally right in the thick of one of the major elements of your personal praxis? There is also an element of having a tangible focus for my thoughts and energies right there in front of me. The vibrancy of the forest and the absence of all distractions that will come with it is going to be a real aid in any meditations I undertake. The natural resources in the area will also be practically helpful too, crafting things from my books and such just for the tactile experience – however it does give me a thought regarding something.

One of the… um… Associated practices related to Futhark Runes is Seidr, a shamanic practice that essentially uses a kinaesthetic focus for inducing trance states and the like. That will definitely be something that I will be able to make some forays into as well.


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