Catchup: March in March

Its not a quality that I really enjoy admitting is something that Australians are known for (yes, this is a rare moment of patriotism) but it takes a serious situation for us Aussies to really let go of our apathy with regards to politics and actually do something about a bad situation. March in March represents what have to be some of the biggest, in some cases record breaking, protests by Australians and the sheer fact that March in March happened is in some ways as big a deal as the numbers of people that have been marching.

Essentially March in March has brought together average Aussies with all the disparate groups in the country and banded them together to use their combined strength to express their lack of confidence in the current government. Its not as silly as it sounds. A ‘vote’ of no confidence is the ultimate opinion poll and is the veritable death-knell for any party or politician/s on the receiving end of it.

Australia wants its sitting government and Prime Minister thrown out and a new one put it.

In 226 years, this has only ever happened once before (to my knowledge, which I’m pretty confident in because the last time it happened it was such a scandal because it had never happened before) and that was way back when photos and T.V were in black and white.

One of the… peculiarities of Australia is that technically the Queen (you know who I mean) is the head of state and the Prime Minister is just the person that manages things. The Governor General is the representative of the head of state and has the power to actually take a sitting government out of office – see previous statement about only once in 226 years. There will be links for March in March at the end.

Because of the sheer number of things that have earned the ire of Australians, its statistically improbable that there wouldn’t have been at least one that Pagans and Heathens could say they fight for as Pagans and Heathens, however today really serves as a good example for me of how easily we can fall under the radar of people like the current Prime Minister and also how much we don’t have to be anything other than that which we already are in order to fight for those things that are important.

In Sydney today there were 12000 people, virtually all of them as part of one group or another. In Melbourne, there were 50000 people – 30 other cities in Australia were/are protesting. It’s almost without precedent.

58 Photos for March in March:

ABC News, additional link at the end of the article:

The Guardian:


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