Catchup: Urbanite + Pagan/Heathen

This one is born from the residual high of going to La Soirée at the Sydney Opera House tonight and it looks at, via the medium of raving about the show, how I personally reconcile being a Pagan/Heathen and an Urbanite when much of my personal praxis has a nature based orientation.

Because of the timing of my Costa Rica thing my weekends are rapidly filling up with people wanting to catchup and today was no exception. I went to both the Sydney March in March protest (more in another post) and La Soirée both of which I was thrilled to be at. However it was at the end of La Soirée when my post amazing show melancholia was trying to set in that I really thought about how much I was going to miss things like La Soirée. I’m not even sure why it hit me then, but I was gripped by this sudden thought that it isn’t going to be my family or my home or anything else similar that I will be missing. Its going to be being able to go to a variety show meets burlesque and enjoy seeing all these people who have just come together to enjoy the act of causing merriment.

Its strange because, I know that I’m going to find things that I like when I get to Costa Rica and I am pretty certain that I am going to absolutely love teaching, but there are things that I want out of life that simply aren’t going to be found in the hear of a rainforest conservation area. I’m somewhat torn between my desire to make the world a better place, which requires to a certain extent leaving the 1st world urban sprawl behind, but also not wanting to spend my life neglecting my own self. It is something that I did for a very long time when I was younger and if truth be told do still do, putting everything else before my own priorities to an unhealthy degree. Really, I am unable to deny that I love society and that love includes a steamy love affair with the urban side of life.

As far as personal praxis is concerned there are as many things to work for (and in some cases against) in the urban side of life as they are in the oft romanticised living off the land rural side of life. Neither is ideal by any stretch and both have their upsides. Certainly you wont catch me saying that being a Pagan and/or Heathen is incompatible with living a modern life – in fact I would go so far as to say that there are things that make it MORE compatible. Things like ergonomic construction, sustainable living, renewable energy and a passel of other things in that vein all take the modern and the natural and attempt to marry the two together.

Who better to help that process than Pagans and Heathens (whose personal praxis incorporates a Nature based element) living a modern life?


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