Cleansing pt.1

DuvessSimone gets the credit for this one, something they said in a comment they left me today made think about something that seems to be pretty common across Pagan and Heathen practices when she mentioned that I might need to cleanse the runes that I’ve spoken about a couple of times.

This idea of cleansing is pretty common across Pagan and Heathen practices, sometimes a different word is used and most have different ways of achieving the same thing as well as variations of the activity for a few different scenarios. Like most such things, cleansing isn’t something that I’ve really done anything with or developed yet. Its just one of those things that I’ve never really put any thought into because its never really been something I’ve needed. However DuvessSimone’s comment has made me think about cleansing in a bit more detail and if I’m honest its made me consider certain aspects of cleansing that I’d never really thought of in the past.

But its late, and I’m tired so I’ll go into all that tomorrow.


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