Catchup: Now You See Me (Now You Don’t)

There is a movie called Now You See me, its one that I saw with a friend in the movie theatre some time ago and watched again on their T.V and if I am completely honest with myself it is the movie that I would most likely say is my favourite movie. Not because of the actors in it nor for the styling of the screenplay or the lines or music (although all of those things are very good and add to the movie). Rather, it is because of the message in the movie that I would be most likely to say that it is my favourite. If you haven’t seen the movie then I really recommend that you go see it because I reckon it has something important in it for Pagans and Heathens.

I don’t really want to spoil the movie for anyone who might go and watch it so I’ll try to be… clear, but oblique from here on out.

While I couldn’t ascribe this to everyone, I would well imagine that most Pagans and Heathens go through at least a couple of moments where they wonder, deep down in their heart of hearts, if their faith is misplaced or otherwise wasted. However momentary it is a crisis of faith, often not the first one for most Pagans and Heathens that have come to the fold from another faith – though I highly doubt that those Pagans and Heathens born into it are without their crises of faith. While there are many ways people have dealt with these times in their lives, the mere possibility of hope is perhaps the most unassailable fortress to retreat to when these crises of faith happen.

You might be doubting your ability to do something within your path/praxis, such as reading tarot cards or imbuing objects so they act as charms against something, or your crisis might be being unable to reconcile some parts of yourself or your life or even reality itself with your faith – at the end of the day hope, even hope that fades away, can be enough to keep you strong. Even if you know that your hope is just a fantasy you’re allowing yourself to have, in full knowledge that there might not be something worthwhile at the end of the road, it is enough to keep you going to either find hope or else see in that moment something that makes those things you do even in the doubt of your crisis something wonderful.

Now You See Me reminds me of this.


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