Once More Into the Breach

Despite having travelled many times to places I’ve not been to before, indeed the majority of which I’ve not spoken the local language, I still get apprehensive the night before I fly. Almost without fail. Despite this feeling, I often make myself feel a bit better by thinking about how I’ve done things in the past and how I’ve changed since I last set off on an adventure like this – because really thats what it is. Not quite Bilbo and the Dwarves or Fellowship of the Ring adventure, but adventure nonetheless. Looking back upon how I’ve changed, done away with some things and matured other things, usually helps assuage my concerns and help me settle down some.

Perhaps the biggest change this time around is the development of my spiritual side. The last time I flew off into the unknown, I didn’t really have that part of me (or if I did it was such a withered and vestigial part that wasn’t really doing anything – something I whole heartedly accept responsibility for) so when things went bad or were more than I could handle at any given moment I didn’t really have anything to fall back on.


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