False Positives [CR5]

The universe is, I think, fundamentally ironic.


A lot of the time when I’m in ‘Pagan mode’ or ‘Heathen mode’ I perhaps am overly concerned with false positives. I really, really want to be certain that what I am feeling is real and not just some trick of my mind or whatever. It seems that I should be more concerned about false positives in my medical health and wellbeing.


The positive thinking lied to me.


I’m back to being sick and I don’t like it. I don’t usually get sick more than twice or three times a year and those are basically 24hr system updates for my immune system.


I don’t deal with being sick very well because of this. I admit it.


That said, I think that it’s the beans that are killing me. Freaking beans. So innocuous yet beneath their humble exterior lies gastro intestinal death. Normally I like beans, but upon reflection that’s because I eat them maybe once a week.


Twice daily. Every. Single. Day.


I think I’m going to have to work out some way to tell my host family that I can’t do the beans everyday.


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