I Lied and Felt Nothing [CR9]

I don’t usually lie about myself. Certainly, I don’t advertise a lot of things, but when asked a direct question I don’t normally give a wrong answer. However when my host family’ eight year old daughter asked if I wanted to go to mass with her, to which I had to say no for a few reasons, she then went on to ask me what religion I am.


I was honestly stunned for a moment, not in the least because I didn’t expect such a question from her.


Then I hesitated for a bit because the question had arisen because of the way I answered her previous question about going to mass, so I didn’t want to answer again in a way that would be… problematic. Keeping in mind that in a country that’s supposed to be extremely Catholic the father and daughter at least, go to an Evangelical Methodist church.


In the end I said that I have no religion. Which is a bold faced, no holds barred, no clever wording to provide wriggle room lie.
And I didn’t feel bad about it. In fact it didn’t even register that I had done that till I sat back down at my computer and I realized ‘Hang on…’


I don’t think that I’ve lied about my religion before, ever. Once or twice I’ve bent the boundaries of what a lie is and a few times I’ve not answered 100% accurately, but never out and out lied before. What is more bothersome for me is that I didn’t even think about it, it just came out and became true in the eyes of this family.


In some respects I guess that’s for the best, I certainly don’t want to invite trouble to my door for the sake of it.


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