Old Things for Others, New Things for Me (CR1)

For my time in Costa Rica I’m going to try and post every day, on time etc but because of how things seem to have tendency to unfold here I’m not going to hold myself to my usual strict rule of ‘miss one do a catchup’. Rather, I’ll simply type when I have a moment and actually put the text into the site when I have time. Sometimes that will mean a post once a day, almost certainly at other times it will mean five posts in one day. What function it serves I don’t know, but I’ll also keep count of my days in Costa Rica with CR# in each title. Just for the fun of it.

The power of positive thinking; its one of those things where many a person swears by the sheer power of the mind to have a powerful effect over the physical body but is one of those things that I’ve never really done any research into nor thought a lot about. Its just one of things that’s always been in the ‘yeah, I’ll try to but I’m not going to hold stock in it always working’ area of things. At time of writing however literally over night from my 4am… well I would hesitate to call it an epiphany as that word is bandied about too much, but something similar, I’ve gotten better almost without effort. Something I am hoping will hold out in the long term. We’ll see however.

The permanency of this physical change notwithstanding, this experience really gives me a personal way of better understanding the idea of using nothing but positive thinking to overcome something. Having woken up (again) at 3-4am the previous day and decided to make something of the extra time I had in my days, it seemed interesting to me that the following day I was not plagued by stomach aches or… anything else lets say. It is interesting for me on two levels because on one hand I know that my body is trying to adapt to the new place I am in and that at one stage or another it will adapt on its own, yet on the other hand it seems to have almost miraculously (pinch of salt) adapted literally overnight. Proponents of positive thinking would say that it is because of my not-epiphany and medical professionals would say that it was simply the exposure of my body to the local water, food, etc that did it. Other possibilities exist, such as positive thinking acting as an energetic enhancement to the physical adaption processes rather than totally supplanting it.

In either regard its virtually impossible to tell without a long lack of reactions to the differences between rural Costa Rica and urban Australia, but either way and by whatever means I look forward to knowing for certain that I’m fully adapted.


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