What a Pagan Wants, What a Heathen Needs… [CR3]

I apologize profusely for that poor attempt at lyrical transfer of a title, but it seemed to fit the topic better than anything totally original I could think of.


In my previous post I started talking about how some Pagans and Heathens, in fact quite a number from what I have observed, have a very static approach when it comes to connecting with the world and their locality. A number of Pagans (specifically that is) have spoken about how it takes time to attune yourself to the energies of a single place, usually your home and immediate local vicinity, and that in order to see and feel (feel in the magical sense, I suppose) the changes and essence of a place you need to gradually let its energies into you and your energies into it. One of the easier to recall examples was walking around your local area each day or several times a week just as a way of attuning and grounding etc.


To be fair, there are probably a lot of details that I’m not recalling either accurately or at all because its been a long time since I read or watched anything on the subject and at time of writing I’m at my host-home which doesn’t have internet, however the overall gist is that for a heavily nature focused pagan there are merits and distinct benefits to being in a static lifestyle and communing with the land.


However it sort of hit me in my previous post that there are also other ways to do the same thing that even today some are doing. The Rogue Priest André for example, is pursuing his Heroic path through a pseudo nomadic life while writing. Galina Krasskova has written at least one 3 part article (that I am aware of at time of writing, perhaps she’s done more) on Pantheos about a similar approach to connecting with the world around us as described above – but rather than in a suburban or even rural setting, Galina approaches the subject from the side of living in a city and communing with city-spirits that are now as much a part of the environment as parks and such.


Naturally, whether on our own or in a small group or in a large gathering/organization, all Pagans and Heathens have both similar and different focuses and a lot are reasonably certain right from their outset what their focus or focuses are. Almost all will change at one stage or another as they mature and grow in their praxis, but their certainty has a certain appeal to it (much like I often do I admire and am ever a little bit envious of those who are for all intents and purposes at the same stage of their development as a Pagan and/or Heathen but have much more certainty or surety about things than I).


I hadn’t really considered it before, but the previous post made me start thinking about my own connections as a Pagan and Heathen; what they are, when, where and why I have or make them, how… Thinking about it is/was quite interesting because the exercise was made all the stimulating because of where I am currently and who I am with.


Ordinarily I tell people that ‘people are my thing. Language and culture and talking etc is what I do.’ It is something that bleeds over into a lot of aspects in my life, teaching English, travelling to meet new people, learning languages at school, studying history and ancient religions. For me, it’s nominally all about the social. However I’d be lying if I said that was all there was to things – actually I’d be disappointed if that was all there was to me because I’d make for a very boring person. The natural world is extremely provocative for me, always has been and always will be, and despite my love of social things I really, really value my alone time. So even as I write this its taking me a long time to really condense even a part of Me down to a manageable size to really work out what I as a Pagan and a Heathen want/need – that said, the answer is nominally: to travel.


Really if I think about it even a little bit, a lot of the things that other Pagans and Heathens have gotten from staying in the one place, or exploring their city, I get from going to new places and meeting new people – even if I can’t properly talk to them or even if I can talk to them well enough but not quite to the same extent as I could in English. This is really, something that goes beyond just being with a home-stay family. Its something that translates (hah, pun…) across to the people that I’m working with, being able to connect with those people and knowing them well enough already to have passed out invitations to our various ‘next stops’ for visits and such. It perhaps isn’t quite the ‘charmed life’ that it probably could be or considered by others to be anywhere near the same as some of the other things I’ve described that other Pagans and Heathens do, but I admit that there is still a lot of navel gazing to be done on the subject.


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