All Better [CR10]

At time of writing it is in fact almost 2 months from when this is relevant, an unfortunate but expected phenomenon of trying to live in a house with no internet connection and otherwise having to focus on my work when at work with an internet connection. This is going to be the case, most likely, for all my posts till I leave Costa Rica.

In some respects I find that looking back and trying to recall is harder than actually writing this in less than ideal circumstances on the day it is for. I’m pretty sure that I have a post planned and/or drafted that will go into why. In the mean time, I am as they say, hale again. What I though was something more serious turned out to be really nothing more than my body adapting to its new environment (and also my failure to read the instructions on certain medicines I was taking). Looking back on my sickness, if it indeed can be called that, there was one truly interesting experience I had involving something was either a hallucination or a dream. My confusion stems from not knowing whether I was awake or not at the time.

It seemed as if there were at once a great many people in my room, standing around my bed and yet only person standing near my bed. There were people I recognized in the large group as well as people I didn’t know. There were also figures whose faces I could not see at all. I’m still not sure, many, many weeks on, what exactly my dream or hallucination was about. Nothing comparable has happened thus far, so I’m not really sure if there is more or not. Really I need to focus on the experience the next time I have free time to see if I can recall additional details or stimulate another experience.

A side note, I found out what was fiving me the really bad stomach problems. Turns out that the beans around here, also the manner in which they are cooked, really don’t agree with my digestive system – who would’ve thought something so simple as beans would hit me like that when I’ve eaten far stranger things.


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