Blindly Drawn, Blithely Drawn? [CR18]

For good or for ill and most likely for neither, I’ve been fairly unrefined or rough with regards to how I have approached my early times with my runes; with actually using and handling and being with them. There are reasons why that range from the practical to the personal. However while I’ve been here I’ve been wondering about my approach because of how many sources cite fairly uniform methodologies for taking up the runes (the best phrase I’ve found to express the process). The commonalities are as follows: A ritualised ‘beginning’ to your taking up the runes, a regulated and lengthy taking up of the runes (for example: Diana L. Paxon recommends a lunar based schedule whether you are working on your own or in a group) with exercises or practices for each stage of the taking up of the runes and usually some closing ritual. There are also, less commonly but still fairly commonly, strong recommendations to recreate some kind of sacrifice to emulate what Oðin did when he took up the runes.


My approach has been to simply draw a rune from my (literal) bag of runes with my eyes closed and meditate on whichever rune I draw. I’ve done none of the commonly recommended things and indeed in some cases I’ve done what would be described as disrespectful to the runes and to the deities that some of them are associated with. Now… for a long time I didn’t think about this, then I did and wasn’t very bothered by it, but then I really started to no be able to stop thinking about it. Am I potentially shooting myself in the foot, as the saying goes, by starting to bond or connect with my runes without any of the recommended approaches or am I being truer to myself as I am right in this moment of my life by doing what I feel is right and thus creating a better bond between myself and my runes?


2 thoughts on “Blindly Drawn, Blithely Drawn? [CR18]

  1. I am in a similar position with my runes. There is less methodology on getting to know them/instilling energy within them in my case because my path never used runes to begin with (Canaanite). So I am somewhat envious that there is a set process.

    Yet you’ve already started a process of bonding with your runes, and that’s what those other approaches are supposed to ultimately achieve. I get the feeling that if your methods with them was disrespectful or not in the right spirit, you would have received signs saying so or encountered resistance. Now knowing what you know (official taboos/ritual/etc) check in with your gut to see if what you’re doing “works for them”. I hope that helps a bit!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate the way you phrased it: “Yet you’ve already started a process of bonding with your runes, and thats what those other methods are supposed to ultimately achieve.” Your reminder to check in with my gut was also good advice! Thank you for that.

      If you ever want to have a dialogue or something about the runes please let me know. I’d be more than happy to talk with you about them – perhaps we’d both learn something from the other.

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