Energy – That Every-Thing [CR19]

Once, many years ago now, I asked a person who is now a friend if they would be able to teach me. They reluctantly said yes and, which some paraphrasing, asked me what my concept of energy was. My honest response was that I didn’t know because there are so many different concepts out there – and at the time I was entirely focused on trying to find the ‘right’ one. How I’ve grown. Despite the difference in years between then and now my answer really hasn’t changed all that much. I certainly have a better understanding of why that question she asked me was an important one but I haven’t ever really reached a satisfactory answer for myself, which is irksome for me because of how central to basically every aspect of Paganism and Heathenry the idea of energy is.


I wont even try to pretend that I understand WHAT energy is beyond simply being able to call it energy. In some respects perhaps that’s enough. However in the world or universe of Pagans and Heathens energy really is every-thing – in the most literal way possible. You would be hard pressed to have a discussion about or with Pagans and Heathens, Paganism and Heathenry or any of the many topics that come with those subjects without mentioning even once ‘energy’. I fully admit that I do know a few reasons for why this is; physics, the essential premise of Pagan and Heathen practices, the plurality of the Pagan and Heathen community and their practices, etc. Furthermore if you ask those Pagans and Heathens to tell you what energy is, or what energy it is that they use there will be a thousand answers from a hundred people.


I wont pretend to be surprised by that because Pagans and Heathens are the very soul of plurality and its expected that you’ll get multiple responses to a question. However, unlike a great many other instances, this plurality and wealth of discourse on the matter has not provided me with any avenue for personal insight on the matter. Which is irritating but unlike in the past I now have a maturity says that perhaps I’m not ready for these kinds of things yet placates me.


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