Joe and Tone [CR12]

Every now and then I meet someone (or in the case some people) who really stand out in my mind. When I’m fortunate, I have the opportunity to get to know these people and become friends with them and establish a connection that hopefully will last a long time. Its not often that I have the chance to do as much so I really relish those times when it does happen, as it did happen with Joe and Tone. Joe is a Canadian and Tone a Norwegian who met in Nicaragua (I think that’s right) and started dating, long before they came here to Costa Rica. Though they were both working towards different purposes at the time, their combined efforts resulted in a great program for self-education being started here where I’m volunteering.


Neither of them are overtly pagan or heathen or really anything else, except perhaps spiritually open/agnostic, however even before I’d known them very long they had both demonstrated a deep appreciation of the mysterious and in some respects mystical aspects of the world. Tone and Joe both practice yoga, though Joe also practices kung fu and has various certifications in things like Chinese medicines and pressure points etc. Tone on the other hand is doing her Master’s degree through a United Nations program. Combined, the pair of them are some truly remarkable people – definitely a strong example of something being greater than the sum of its parts, though those parts are in this case very impressive on their own.


From a spiritual standpoint being around Joe and Tone, being able to talk with them about all kinds of things including specifically things to do with paganism and heathenry was extraordinarily beneficial. Their perspectives on things opened up new perspectives for me and really gave me new thoughts, and indeed it wasn’t entirely a one-way street (so to speak). They seemed to learn things form me as often as I learned things from them. It was unfortunate that our time here in Costa Rica was, inevitably, finite. They both needed to return to their respective countries amidst unspoken questions as to what would become of their relationship. However in some respects that is for the best; that knowledge of their impending departure ensured that we continue to remain in contact even to this day.


To say more would be an exercise in frustration because there is so much about them that even I can’t put into words, despite many reasons that say the contrary. Suffice it to say that simply being around them, near them, was an incredible experience and I really hope the day comes when I can reunite with them.


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