Praxis: Gebo [CR15]

I drew Gebo today, which was another interesting moment of coincidence or synchronicity as today was the first day that I really felt was a good class for me at the centre where I am volunteer-working. Much like Raidho, Gebo is a rune that I really don’t think I understand that well yet although I do think that I understand it better than Raidho. Gebo is used in ways that take advantage of its exchanging qualities, its ability to share energy or emotions etc in various ways. As I understand what I’ve been reading (and re-reading) Gebo could also be used to transmit in particular ways. Though I’ve really not done any of the suggested things to start bonding with my runes, other than trying to handle them each day, so far Uruz and Gebo have really been quite… explicit I guess, in their appeal to me. If Uruz comes up in a draw I’ll talk about it then, but otherwise I’m not going to comment on it here. Gebo on the other hand is appealing because it has this sense of companionship and community within it, being able to share and convey this between two people or a group of people. It’s definitely a sentiment that I connect with, especially in light of my being in Costa Rica to teach. That said, there is still quite a lot of work that I need to do before I can really say that I’ve ‘taken up the runes’, to borrow a phrase.


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