Praxis: Naudhiz and Manaz [CR17]

Because I’m writing these retroactively I am able to tell you that this is the last of my posts regarding the runes drawn for my meditations, at least for the time being. It was really something did while the draws were oddly coincidental to things happening throughout the day.


Most, if not all, sources of rune lore agree that there are some runes which are extremely potent and not to be played with. Thurisaz is one such rune. Naudhiz is another. At is most fundamental level Naudhiz is a rune for need and needing. It is something that really touches upon using extremely potent powers to satisfy that need. Much like the previously discussed Othala, this is a rune that despite reading several times and meditating with it a few times I’m still very uncertain towards it. I don’t mind admitting that I am very cautious with it because it deals with powers that I really don’t understand and know I’m not ready for; the idea behind it being that you are touching the same powers that the Norns use to weave the fabric of Fate and using that power to your own ends. Hopefully its easy to see why I’m tentative whenever I draw it for meditation.


Manaz on the other hand is a rune that I simply don’t understand. It isn’t one that I have draw a lot and I’m still trying to understand its meaning. It is the rune of men, by which I mean mankind, the rune of humanity. The rune itself is said to resemble two people with their arms interlinked in a dance or parade of some kind. Much in the same way that I don’t think I am ready for Othala, or indeed that it is not yet time for me to be ready, I don’t think that I am ready for Manaz. It deals with things that I simply don’t understand or have any way of understanding at the moment. I could theorise why I don’t think I’m ready for Manaz, but I am far less certain why than I am with Othala.


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