Praxis: Othala [CR16]

What can be said about Othala? It is the last rune in the Elder Futhark, is one of the runes associated with Oðin and is a rune of community, family and coming together as a collective to support one another. In a few respects this is a rune that I am not ready for by any measure of the imagination. Apart from it being the last rune in the Elder Futhark, what it represents is something that I have all kinds of, in the most neutral way possible, problems with. Moreover it isn’t a rune that really has any bearing on me nor my life at the moment. None of which is to say that I haven’t tried to study it when it has come up – I read every rune each time I read Taking Up the Runes, and I’ve gone back and read the relevant chapters whenever a rune like Othala has come up in my meditation draws. I’ve also not hesitated to use it when working with runes, bind runes and such. However as a rune whose focus is community and family and the like, I am not in at a stage in my life where I see those sorts of things in a good way. Despite loving my family, I am actively trying to find a way to live overseas (very far overseas). Now, I could justify that desire by putting the focus on the other reasons why I want to do that, however I cannot deny in the face of trying to take up the runes that wanting to put substantial distance between myself and my family is something that plays a role in that desire.


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